Quality Items at Bargain Prices!

That's the reputation for the MOMS Clothing Sales

Remember, if it looks good and is priced well, it will sell!


What should you sell? 
Children’s clothing, equipment and toys…anything from birth to around 14 years old! See below for item restrictions:

Spring Sale Items

  • Holiday items: St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July
  • We will allow ski gear/heavy winter items and boots at the spring sale if there is room on the floor. Spring and Summer items will take first priority on floor space. 
Fall Sale Items
  • Holiday items: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, and other winter holidays
  • Heavy sweaters
  • Heavy jackets/coats
  • Ski apparel
  • Winter hats, gloves, mittens
  • Snow boots
Year Round Items
  • Swimwear and swim/water shoes
  • Shorts and skirts
  • Long and short sleeved shirts and onesies
  • Light jackets and hoodies (including fleece, cotton, denim, etc)
  • Sweat pants/shirts
  • Jeans/Pants
  • Uniform clothing
  • Fleece and heavy-weight footed sleepers
  • Dress up items and non-halloween specific costumes

How to Prepare Your Items for Sale
Even after you've viewed the Sale Prep Videos below, there's much to remember about preparing and tagging your items. Print out Preparing Sale Items and if you have any Toys, games or puzzles, be sure to include the Toy|Game|Puzzle Certification Form.

If you are a returning seller, please view these instructions on how to convert your tags to MyCM tags.

We also have a series of videos to assist with different areas:


Sorting Clothes



Toys & Non Clothing Items

Maps: Drop Off Map Detail Drop Off


Are you planning to sell a car seat at the sale? 

You must complete this Car Seat Requirements Form and attach it to the car seat. Please also review this checklist to make sure your car seat is prepared for sale.

Infant car seats must have at least one year remaining before expiration. All other seats (convertible, combination, booster, etc) must have at least two years remaining before expiration.

If the car seat has been recalled, the seat can only be sold if the issue has been resolved. (i.e., Graco buckle recall, etc)

If the car seat has been in an accident (regardless of whether the seat was occupied at the time of the crash), the seat CANNOT be sold at the MOMS Sale.

As a returning seller you are responsible for either re-tagging your items to comply with the MyCM system or covering the old FlashConsign tags with a barcode label per the Barcode Sticker Document.

As a seller, you sign an agreement with MOMS stating that MOMS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unaccountable items. You are entitled to payment for only those items for which there exists proof. You further agree to ticket your merchandise accurately and to either collect it at the conclusion of the sale or use the “donate” option when creating your tags. All items marked donate and any items not picked up by 4:30 pm on Saturday will be donated to an organization of MOMS choice.

Please contact sale.codirector@mothersofmultiples.com

Happy Tagging! 

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