2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

Lisa Lajimodiere

Membership Director 
Emily Rachubinski

Technology Director 
Hannah Marxer

Amanda Coffee-Stamsbury

Fundraising Director 
Carol Chavez

Fundraising Co-Director 
 Gina Korkolis

Support Director
Bianca Parrish

Sale Director 
Jodi Hodge

Sale Co-Director 
Summer Sachen

Sale Co-Director 
Jenny Dolan

Social Director
Kelsey Castle

Social Co-Director
Ashley Clement

Molly Walsh

Assistant Treasurer 
 Colby Weber

 Marketing Director
Holly Scott

 Marketing CO-Director
Courtney Trebing

Chair Positions

Active MOMS

Book Club
Ashley Clement

Car Seat Safety
Erin Brill

Expectant MOMS
Stefanie Keese

Larissa Nattrass

Megan Bender & Jenny Elmer

NICU Support
Megan Mooney

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There's no shortage of opportunities to get involved with the club.  You can be on the Board, become a Chair or join a Committee. Responsibilities for each type of role are listed below. 

If you'd like to be considered for the Board of Directors, a Chair Position, or a Committee, please contact the MOMS President at president@mothersofmultiples.com

Have questions about getting involved? Check out the FAQ here: FAQs for potential board members

Board Positions

Term is one year for all Board positions with the exception of Assistant Treasurer which is a two year term.

President - The President manages the day-to-day operations of the board and club including organizing and facilitating monthly board meetings, building goodwill and partnerships in the community, and ensuring the club is complying with its charter and 501(c)3 regulations. The goal of the President is to ensure the club is operating at the highest level of social and fiscal responsibility. A member must have served on the Board for at least one term to be considered for the role of President.

Membership Director - The Membership Director recruits and manages members and puts plans and programs in place to drive membership acquisition and retention. The Membership Director is responsible for managing the playgroups Facebook pages, the MOMS Facebook group, membership software, and the MOMS Gmail accounts. Membership will also assist with planning and facilitation of various member-organized activities such as regional socials, active MOMS playgroup, and craft nights.

Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer (2 year term) - The first term will be served as the Assistant Treasurer, assisting and supporting the Treasurer. The second term will be served as the Treasurer whose responsibilities are to manage the club’s funds including payment of invoices and reconciliation of all bank accounts, books, and financial records in Quickbooks for MOMS. The Treasurer is also responsible for managing all cash functions at the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS. Additional responsibilities include maintaining a list of club assets, Board member credit/debit card oversight, and managing the preparation of the annual tax filing.

Secretary  - The Secretary is responsible for attending and taking notes at the monthly Board meetings as well as any other club functions at which meeting notes are necessary, and posting the notes for access by the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for creating and sending the weekly Events Email, managing the MOMS Marketplace Facebook group, and printing agendas, name tags, and roll call sheets for meetings and events when needed. The Secretary will also work with other Board members to support and assist on projects and initiatives as needed.

Technology Director - The Technology Director manages the MOMS website, Gmail accounts, voicemail, Facebook pages, sale technology and equipment, and any other club technology needs.  The Technology Director coordinates with all other Board Members to implement change and manage updates to any technology area.

Social Director - The Social Director will plan and coordinate all non-support related MOMS social functions including the Membership Appreciation Dinner, the Summer Picnic, the Fall Festival, Holiday Brunch, the MOMS Cookie and Wine Exchange, Breakfast with Bunny, and other group functions as the budget permits. The Social Director is responsible for managing the budget and expenses for all events, and is expected to work closely with the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer on all costs and expenses.

Social Co-Director - The Social Co-Director will support the Social Director in all aspects of MOMS social events.

Marketing Director - The Marketing Director will manage efforts to advertise the club toward the goal of increasing membership and membership retention. Marketing is also responsible for advertising for and promoting the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS to increase public and non-selling member attendance. Promoting the sale includes managing the KCS by MOMS social media outlets, the Sale Marketing Committee, marketing collateral, and sale signage. Marketing activities directly related to the sale can include creating and sending out press releases to the media, managing media coverage, and working with various media partners. The Marketing Director will also work closely with other Board members to promote MOMS events and fundraisers, including supporting and promoting events open to the public, as well as helping with marketing tasks related to the IRS, fundraising, and marketing collateral, including coordinating and creating the annual report. Duties can also include submitting an annual application to Consignment Mommies for Top 10 Kids Consignment Sale in the Country status, updating the website, and managing the social media accounts for MOMS. Marketing will also maintain partnerships with organizations such as Fetal Health Foundation and Macaroni Kids, as well as maintain a database of partner and media contacts.

Marketing Co-Director - The Marketing Co-Director will support the Marketing Director in all aspects of MOMS marketing functions.

Fundraising Director - The Fundraising Director is responsible for planning and coordinating events and activities that raise money for MOMS. The Fundraising Director will work to increase the funds available for club use by soliciting sponsors and vendors for the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS. The Fundraising Director will also seek out beneficial affiliate programs as well as work to procure partnerships and grants for the club.

Sale Director - The Sale Director will manage all aspects of the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS including planning and coordinating the sale, facilitating sale set-up and take down, recruiting and managing volunteers, advertising consignment opportunities to members and non-members, assisting the Technology Director with all aspects of sale technology, assisting the Marketing Director and Co-Director to promote the sale, and arranging for donation of unsold items. The Sale Director is required to attend all days of the sale. 

Sale Co-Director - The Sale Co-Director will support the Sale Director in the planning and coordinating of the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS. The Sale Co-Director is required to attend all days of the sale.

Support Director - The Support Director will coordinate services offered to the membership through a variety of club sponsored programs designed to foster learning and fellowship among members. Some of these programs include planning and facilitation of Expectant MOMS and New MOMS meetings, including identifying and enlisting speakers on subjects pertinent to these groups. The Support Director is also responsible for creation and support of playgroups, identifying, planning, and organizing workshops and seminars of interest to MOMS members, and working closely with the Marketing Director to promote all of the above. The Support Director will oversee coordination and management of all Support Chairs, including Expectant MOMS, New MOMS, and Mentor MOMS.

Support Co-Director
- The Support Co-Director will work with the Support Director to support and manage all aspects of the MOMS Support initiatives and programs.

Chair Positions

Term is one year for all Chair positions.

Active MOMS Co-Chair -Coordinates opportunities for members to get together and be active (walks in the park, spinning class, meet ups, etc).

Bedrest Support Chair - Connects with members on bedrest and provides support to the extent the chair and club are able.

Breastfeeding Chair – Connects with members seeking breastfeeding support and help direct them to appropriate resources.

Early Intervention Chair – Connects with members that have questions about early intervention and help direct them to appropriate resources.

Expectant MOMS Co-Chairs – Help host monthly expectant meetings at a regular time/location. She will also serve as a “mentor” for the Expectant MOMS Facebook group and inform them about all club resources. 

HOTT MOMS Chair (HOTT = Has Older Twins & Triplets) - Coordinates social events for families whose multiples are 5+ years.

Mentor MOMS Chair - Collects information from members who wish to receive as well as be a mentor and matches members up appropriately. She will also continue to facilitate mentor/mentee relationships and assign new pairings as needed.

New MOMS Co-Chairs – Help host new moms program every 3 months. Program includes 3 weekly meetings hosted by the club. Following these three meetings the chair will help facilitate meetings for the group through Facebook. She will also serve as a “mentor” to the group and identify resources appropriate for the members of this group. 

NICU Chair - Connects with members with babies in the NICU and provides support to the extent the chair and club are able.


Term is one year for all Chair positions.

Sale -
Become an integral part of putting on the semi-annual Kids Consignment Sale. Be a Lead for an area of the Sale, manage volunteers, manage donations, manage VIP taggers and more.

Marketing -
Work on marketing activities in support of the club as well as the sale. Areas include Social Media, Community Relations, Strategic Partnerships, Hospital Outreach and others.

Support -
Get involved in supporting the many services MOMS provides including Expectant/New Moms, Playgroups, Bedrest, NICU, Mentor MOMS, Meals and Community Outreach.

Social -
Brainstorm with Social Director, help plan regional social get togethers, and help onsite during social events.

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