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Early Intervention Information

Getting Started - Birth to 3 Years Old

Local agencies, known as Community Centered Boards (CCBs), throughout Colorado are responsible for providing early intervention services in their local service area. Individuals such as a doctor, family member, neighbor, or child care worker may contact the CCB on a family's behalf. A family may also contact a CCB on their own.

To schedule an assessment, contact your local Community Center Board. 
Click here to find your County 

Get Started - Ages 3 - 5
Once children turn three, they may be eligible to receive special services through the state, delivered by the School District. It is possible that the school district will require you to have an assessment through your Community Center Board (contacts listed above). Each school district has a ChildFind Coordinater. To find your coordinator, please go to this site and select your region

ALSO, check with your County Community Center Board (again, listed above) to see if they have any initiatives for children 3+. The amount of resources available may surprise you!!

If, after 3 years old, your child still qualifies for services and you're on the waiting list for Family Support Services, you may qualify for Community Outreach Funds. To apply here.

If you live in Douglas/Arapahoe County - be sure to 

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Are you wondering if your children are developing appropriately for their age? The State of Colorado has an incredible Early Intervention Program provided to parents - at no cost to the family!!

To determine if your children qualify for Early Intervention, they need to be "assessed" by ChildFind (see below for listing of ChildFind contacts by County). It's from this assessment, they'll determine whether your child need Speech, Occupational, Behavioral, and/or other types of therapy. 

Click here for Early Intervention Eligibility as well as  a comprehensive database of Diagnosed Conditions
After the assessment, if you qualify, therapists COME TO YOUR HOME (at no cost to you)!!! on a frequency basis until they turn three years old. The therapists work with the children, and you as the parent, giving you useful tools and methods for helping your child develop!! Once your child is three, if s/he continues to qualify, s/he would get access to early intervention in through the school system. For some people, that means that the there is no cost to the family for preschool.

The waiting list for appointments varies based on the number of people requesting them. It's best to get on this quickly!!

What is the right age to have your child assessed?  Well, if you have a concern, you notice that other children your child's age are more advanced. You're unsure.  Just because you don't know to have a concern doesn't mean ChildFind resources can't help. So, you may consider getting the assessment done regardless.

Click here to learn more about Early Intervention through the state of Colorado

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