We are excited that you are interested in becoming a member of
MOMS. Our membership is open to any parent or guardian of multiple
birth children or virtual multiple birth children (same age children not
related by blood) or anyone expecting multiples or virtual multiples who
lives in Colorado.

Located in Colorado
Anyone residing or moving to Colorado may become a member, however
most members are located in the south suburban area near Denver. Our
boundaries include, but are not limited to, Hampden Avenue on the
north, I-25 on the east, Santa Fe Drive on the west, with an open
southern boundary.

If you live outside the state or in another part of Colorado, check out
Other Clubs to find a club that might be closer to you.

MOMS general membership meetings are usually the second Tuesday of
the month from 7-9 p.m. (6:30-7p.m. for new members). Our meetings
are usually held at St. Andrew's Methodist Church, 3350 White Bay Dr.
in Highlands Ranch, south of 470 off of University.

Our meetings entail a brief discussion of business and a program involving
either a speaker or a fun activity for the members. You are welcome to
attend a meeting before joining. Please contact us to find out about the
meeting this month.

For meeting date confirmation and content, please contact Melissa Noel
Programs Chair.

Our membership dues are $35 annually (August 1 - July 31) for members
with multiples under 5 years old. After Feb. 1, dues are discounted to
$30 for new members. After May 1, dues are $35 for the following year.
Once your multiples are 5 years or older by August 1, dues are only $30
per year.

Why Should You Join MOMS?

If you are pregnant, there are lots of programs just for you.

Expectant MOMS Meetings
– pregnant MOMS get together monthly
at a member's home to discuss their pregnancies, ask questions and get
advice from experienced MOMS.

Mentor MOMS – you can be hooked up with a mentor MOMS member
who's been through all the things you are experiencing and will provide
guidance, support and comfort.

Meals for MOMS – once you have your babies, or if you go on bed
rest, you can receive a few home-cooked meals from our volunteer

Breastfeeding Support – If you plan on breastfeeding or are having a
hard time getting started, we have a MOMS member who did it and can
lend support and guidance.

NICU & Bed Rest Support – If you end up on bed rest, or your kids
spend some time in the NICU, we can guide you through it, from MOMS
who've been there.

But you don't have to be pregnant to join. We have lots of
activities for everyone.

– We hold one of the largest twin sales in the country. Be
sure to join now so that you can shop early with the members and sell
at future sales.

Monthly Meetings – There is always an interesting topic or fun activity
and there is usually food! Husbands are invited but rarely come. Nursing
babies are welcome. Or it's a great excuse to get out on your own.

Social Events – We have social events throughout the year, some for
the whole family and some just for you to get some time away with
good friends.

Big Tent - Our membership-only web site includes discussion forums on
every topic, classifieds, news, events and photos. It helps MOMS
members stay connected and keeps all our information in one place.

Newsletter – Every month an electronic newsletter goes out packed
with information and great articles.

Playgroups – Join a playgroup or create one of your own.